These are projects only through 2011. Please see my blog or portfolio (linked on the side bar) or my CV (in the About section).

TrackFX (2009-2011)


TrackFX is a multiple object tracking game for pre-diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome in young children. The game is programmed in Actionscript 3.0, with PHP remoting to a MySQL database for record keeping and login management. I extended the game engine and implemented all of the backend code. I also handled the game's porting to Adobe AIR so that it could be used on mobile PCs in classroom settings. The project is a collaboration between researchers at UC Berkeley's Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) and UC Davis's M.I.N.D. Institute.

More information here.

UC Berkeley Dashboard (2009-2010)

UC Berkeley Dashboard

A Berkeley TGIF project to implement campus-wide building resource usage data collection and management. The project is proposed to include an active online portal for Berkeley campus electricity (primarily) consumption and numerous on campus installations geared towards raising energy awareness. I have contributed a variety of work to the project, including the design and fabrication of an LED thermometer bar for an on-campus cafe's energy usage data; design and programming for an energy usage awareness game, and Flex GUI programming for multiple online and touchscreen displays.

UPDATE: We installed LED power usage thermometer in the Free Speech Cafe at the beginning of February 2010. You can read a description of the bar and watch a quick video here.

If your monitor is larger than 1680x1050 you can hook into a live building feed here. NOTE: Click in the top left corner to view full screen.

Same information available at the main site here.

Blackcloud (2009-2010)


The Blackcloud Network (link) is a system of international air quality sensors designed at the Berkeley Institute of Design and funded by a MacArthur Digital Fellowship Grant. Professor Greg Niemeyer (link) conceived of and oversaw the project, which was a combination of installation pieces, an alternate reality game, and an aggregated sensor database. I coded the Adobe Flex front end for the project, and contributed to some of the back end PHP scripting. I also set up a twitter feed for an anonymous sensor to test out the Python Twitter API (link).

The project also sent me to install a sensor in Kathmandu, Nepal at the Papa's House Orphanage (link). They graciously agreed to host our sensor in their boys dormitory. A big thank you to Evan? for help with the photography during the sensor installation.

Brushstroke Master - 笔画比划 (2008)

Brushstroke Master

My master's thesis project, a game designed to teach elementary Mandarin Chinese stroke order and character drawing. The write up for the project, my thesis paper, is listed and downloadable from the "text" section of the site. This project is mainly a response to some of the difficulties I encountered learning introductory Mandarin and my first foray into game design and programming. Graphic designer and photographer Laura Kaltman produced all the artwork for the project, and undergraduate researchers Jessica Lin and Jenny Franco provided codework and playtesting.

Play the game and learn some Mandarin here.